Board and management

Scana’s headquarters is in Bergen, Norway and consist mainly of senior management, investment management, as well as finance functions.


Dag Schjerven

Chairman of the board

Dag Schjerven (b. 1954) has more than 30 years of international CEO experience from three global companies; Dyno Industrier, VingCard and Wilhelmsen Maritime Services. Schjerven has retired from executive positions and work today as an advisor and holds directorships in various companies within field of experience, mainly as chairman.

Morten Blix

Deputy chairman

Morten Blix (b. 1961) co-founded Herkules Private Equity Fund in 2003, and the responsible partner for the investments in PTC and Scana. Mr. Blix has an extensive investment experience from 14 years in the the Financial Investments division at Orkla from 1987 to 2001. Blix has been involved in a broad range of investment activities including private equity investments recent years.

Margaret Hystad

Board member

Margaret Hystad (b. 1969) has extensive experience in management and business development, including maritime, real estate development and asset management. She has extensive experience from board work in several major companies - within energy (Gassco, Haugaland Kraft), finance and health and other. Hystad is economist with specialization from BI within strategy and change management, and currently runs her own investment group, Karmsund Kapital AS.

Rune Magnus Lundetræ

Board member

Lundetræ (b. 1977) was Deputy CEO in the company Borr Drilling Ltd. from December 2016 to December 2019. From August 2015 to December 2016 he was Managing Director in DNB Markets, Norway's largest service group. From 2012 - 2015 he was CFO in Seadrill Ltd, the world's largest offshore drilling company. Lundetræ has valuable knowledge within offshore wind and is the chairman of the board in OHT ASA.

Marianne Lie

Board member

Marianne Lie (b. 1962) has extensive management experience, particularly from the maritime and energy sectors. Lie has served as the CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, and currently serves as a board member for several large companies in different industries. Lie’s academic background is within law and political science, and she is currently running her own consultancy firm.


Styrk Bekkenes

Scana ASA - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Styrk Bekkenes (b. 1974) has long experience in the maritime industry. Bekkenes is educated as an industrial mechanic and has gained extensive experience as an entrepreneur and leader of global organizations, such as Palfinger Marine, Harding and Noreq. Bekkenes joined Scana in March 2019.

Torvald Ulland Reiestad

Scana ASA - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Torvald Ulland Reiestad (b. 1980) holds a master of science in finance and is also a certified public accountant. Reiestad has a solid banking background, after many years in Sparebanken Vest. Reiestad has led refinancing and sales processes on behalf of banks, investors and advisers. Primarily in oil service, offshore, shipping and real estate.

Anette Netteland Dybvik

Scana ASA - Head of IR and Investments

Anette Netteland Dybvik (b. 1991) joined Scana ASA as Head of IR and Investments in September 2022. She holds a Master of Science in finance and is also a State Authorized Public Accountant. Prior to joining Scana Dybvik has experience from EY working with Auditing and Transactions for large Norwegian and International companies within the oil service, offshore and shipping industry.

Oddbjørn Haukøy

Scana ASA - Chief Comercial Officer (CCO)

Oddbjørn Haukøy (b. 1977) was central in the establishment of PSW back in 2007 and has been an important driving force in the development of the company. Haukøy has over 25 years of experience from work and technology development in the offshore and maritime industry.

Eirik Sørensen

PSW Power & Automation AS - Managing Director

Eirik Sørensen (b.1981) comes from the position as CEO at SEC AS and has been one of the contributors to building the company since 2002. After the acquisition of SEC by PSW in 2016 Sørensen continued to develop the company’s strong position within the energy market as General Manager in PSW Power & Automation.

Erlend Einevoll

PSW Solutions AS - Managing Director

Erlend Einevoll (b.1967) comes from the position as CEO at Nomaco companies and has been one of the contributors to building the company since 1995. After the acquisition of the surface treatment department by PSW in 2013 Einevoll continued to develop the company’s strong position within the ISO Services market as General Manager in PSW Solutions AS.

Oddbjørn Haukøy

PSW Technology AS - Managing Director

Trond Bø

Skarpenord AS - Managing Director

Trond Bø (b.1969) joined Skarpenord as managing director in February 2021. He has broad experience from the international maritime industry, after several positions within finance & control, supply management and IT in Wärtsilä and Harding/Palfinger over a 15-year period. Bø holds an MBA from NHH and a Bachelor of Finance from BI.

Peter Jansson

Subseatec AB - Managing Director

Peter has been with Subseatec since 2009. He provides the cutting-edge expertise when it comes to material development and our possibilities to provide our client with the right material and product solution. He has an educational background in materials physics at Uppsala University and more than 20 years of experience in the steel industry.

Torkjell Lisland

Seasystems AS - Managing Director

Torkjell Lisland (b.1963) has been CEO of Seasystems since 2014, following the sale of the fabrication department. From 1990 to 2014, he held various managerial positions within Seasystems, its subsidiary engineering company, as well as a subsea engineering group. As CEO, his main task has been to develop the company into a strong supplier also to other markets than oil and gas – such as aquaculture and renewable energy.


Anette Netteland Dybvik

Head of IR and Investments | +47 416 67 787