Scana company extends frame agreement with Odfjell Drilling

Bergen, 28. June: Scana-owned PSW Technology has signed a 1-year extension of its frame agreement with Odfjell Drilling for maintenance and recertification of marine riser and subsea equipment for all the drilling units of the company.

This is a strategic important contract for the company. The agreement involves inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) of marine risers and subsea equipment, and furthermore provision of offshore services such as in between well (IBW) for the Odfjell Drilling fleet for one additional year.

Oddbjørn Haukøy, Chief Commercial Officer in Scana ASA.

“The agreement demonstrates PSW Technology’s solid and valuable cooperation with Odfjell Drilling which dates back to 2010.  With this agreement our company continues to consolidate its position as Norway’s leading inspection, maintenance and repair company for services related to well control and drilling equipment,” says Oddbjørn Haukøy, Chief Commercial Officer in Scana ASA.

“With continuous improvement in the rig market nationally and internationally PSW Technology is well positioned and capable to handle the growth that is now coming,” Haukøy elaborates.

PSW Technology is currently a major player in recertification of risers and well-control equipment in Norway. The company is located at Mongstad, with approx. 150,000 square meters of facilities for efficient and safe inspections, maintenance, and modifications of subsea and drilling equipment for national and international energy companies.

For more information, please contact:

Styrk Bekkenes
CEO, Scana ASA
T: +47 404 03 520

Oddbjørn Haukøy
CCO, Scana ASA
T: +47 911 71 914

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