Scana company secures multiple contracts for energy storage and charging solutions

Bergen, 29 June 2023: Scana-owned PSW Power & Automation has signed multiple contracts for energy storage and charging systems in Germany, Netherlands, and Saudi-Arabia. The solutions will replace or optimize the operation of traditional diesel generators and will be a significant contributor towards fossil free operations. The total value of the contracts are sizeable (1) for the company.

A BQ-S battery system will be part of a German customer`s rental fleet and will be used in a variety of applications from peak-shaving and back-up power in hybrid energy solutions or as a standalone off grid solution.

In addition, PSW recently signed a contract with a customer in Saudi-Arabia for a BQ-S battery system. The system is to be used in an off-grid construction site related to an ongoing development project and will be supporting the operation of the site at night with energy generated by a small solar power plant during the day.

“Our customer chose our BQ-S as it offers the necessary versatility needed regarding both input and output connections. Also, the high IP-rating of the container in combination with the temperature and humidity control are essential in the challenging environment in which it will be operating,” says Jens Hjorteset, Director of Business Development in PSW Power & Automation.

“We are very excited that our business is picking up pace internationally. I am proud to say that our battery solution will be part of the largest power generation rental fleet in the world”, says Oddbjørn Haukøy, interim CEO in Scana.

The battery unit will be supplied within this year and is targeted to be in operation in Q4/2023 -Q1/2024.

Furthermore, PSW have signed a contract for the delivery of a CQ charging solution to the Netherlands. The mobile charging solution has a built-in battery pack with high-power chargers to provide DC fast charging of trucks, buses, other vehicles, and construction sites.

(1) A sizeable contract is defined to be between NOK 20 million and NOK 50 million.
(2) A substantial contract is defined to be between NOK 50 million and NOK 150 million.
(3) A large contract is over NOK 150 million.

For more information, please contact:

Oddbjørn Haukøy, interim CEO, Scana ASA, +47 911 71 914

Eirik Sørensen, Managing Director PSW Power & Automation +47 936 78 233
Jens Hjorteset, Director of Business Development PSW Power & Automation +47 993 22 218

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