Scana ASA is an active owner company for subsidiaries which deliver a wide range of products and services to the entire marine-related industry. With roots back to Norwegian and Nordic steelworks operations in the 17th century, our companies have distinguished themselves as representatives of innovation and quality in their respective markets.

The companies refine historical expertise from different eras. The world-famous steel quality in our riser solutions, built on centuries with further development of the steel’s properties, is one example. Our expertise in mooring, valve control and oil services in general, industrially rooted in the development of the Norwegian oil and gas industry, is another. As a pioneering nation for more environmentally friendly shipping, Norway is at the forefront of energy efficiency and the use of new energy sources at sea. We are part of this commitment with our offering of complete solutions for electrification and renewable energy for ships and ports.

Throughout history, Scana’s forerunners have invested heavily in various industries.


Scana Industrier established

The foundation is laid with the establishment of Scana Industrier; a result of the acquisition of ScanArmatur AS and ScanPaint AS. The largest owner was Peter T. Smedvig and family.

1987- 1995


Growth through acquisitions of several companies, including the valve control manufacturer Skarpenord and the steelworks Stavanger Staal AS, Björneborg Järnverk AB, and Booforge AB. The latter company was established in Karlskoga as early as 1646.


Public listing Oslo Stock Exchange

Public listing of Scana Industrier

1995 – 2006

The expansion continues

The expansion continues. New investments in companies in Norway, China, South Korea, USA, Brazil and Singapore.


Smedvig sells its majority stake

Smedvig sells its majority stake in Scana to senior employees in Scana Industrier. The company moved to from Smedvig’s facilities to own offices at Strandkaien, downtown Stavanger.

2008 – 2012

Restructuring is necessary

The global financial crisis creates difficulties for several of the company’s businesses. Restructuring is necessary, and several companies are either sold or closed. Scana’s turnover still reaches NOK 2.9 billion, after high activity within all the group’s business areas.



Scana Property AS is established, composed of subsidiaries Scana Eiendom Jørpeland and Scana Eiendom SSA. A 50.1% ownership in Fjordbris is also part of Scana Property’s portfolio.


New board & management

New board and new management start the process towards becoming a more focused investment company.


Scana Energy Holding

Scana Energy Holding is set up and becomes the owner of all Swedish subsidiaries, except Scana Property AB.


From industrial to holding company

The company’s business strategy changes from being an industrial company to becoming a holding company with portfolio companies. The vision behind the restructuring is to become a profitable industrial investment company.


Incus Investor

To make the newly adopted strategy more visible, the new board decides to change the name from Scana Industries to Incus Investor.


Strengthened portfolio

The company withdraws completely from real estate and closes this business area. From now on, there is full focus on the development of the remaining subsidiaries and further development of a new maritime strategy.


From Incus Investor to Scana

Incus Investor changes its name to Scana and launches its new course as a parent company with active ownership in a growing group of maritime service providers.


Scana acquires PSW

Scana acquires PSW and establishes a unique position in the maritime green shift.


Scana ASA acquires 50% of the shares in Wear Solutions AS

– and enters a Joint Venture with shared ownership with Certina Invest AS